A magical world with modeling insights, three-dimensional frames and miniatures.

Cities, landscapes, impressive buildings with illumination, trains and much more.

Ιdeal for decorating your home and gifts for your loved ones.

Miniature (sized 200x110cm) of a Central European city with apartment buildings, shops, services, church, town hall, park and train lines. In every corner there are various subjects with figures of people. All buildings, streets, squares and cars are lit with tiny LEDs.

The model train is brought to life even more by various sounds. In addition to the train, there is traffic on some cars that move on the road as if they were real.

Based on a real building (a town hall in Germany), in a scale of 1:87, with internal LED illumination.

Pizzeria with human figures and interior illumination.

All buildings can be modified, interior lighting added, painted and themed.

Also, the miniatures and figures can be placed on small dioramas, as well as in 3D frames, with themes of your choice.

A three-dimensional (3D) frame with autumn theme.
We can create frames with any theme you may like, in every shape, illuminated or not.

A road under construction with realistic miniatures and human figures in a scale of 1:87.

Anything of these can be placed in a 3D frame.


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